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What the law says:

Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order (FSO) makes it a legal requirement to ensure that fire resisting and escape doors are correctly installed and are adequately maintained to ensure they are fit for purpose. The building responsible person needs to ensure the doors are inspected by a competent person as referenced in the FSO to help them comply with fire door regulations.

Fire doors play a major part in ensuring there is a safe evacuation path for persons to escape to safety in the event of a fire in the premises. They should be considered exactly the same as other fire safety protection such as alarms and extinguishers when it comes to inspection and maintenance.


How can FAST help? 

FAST can provide you with a qualified inspector to complete an inspection of your doors and provide you with a documented report highlighting the condition and recommended remedial action if the door fails its test.

Our inspectors are trained by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) which is a certified and audited scheme set up by the British Woodworking Federation and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers to ensure competency of fire door inspectors.

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, FAST response and excellent customer service so please contact us for a free quotation whether you just need a one off inspection and report or wish to arrange an annual door inspection to meet your obligations under the FSO.

Our Fire Door Inspections:

Our FDIS trained inspectors will attend site and complete a comprehensive inspection of your fire and escape doors carrying out the necessary checks to ensure compliance. The inspection checks signage, seals, closers, latches, hinges and furniture along with the leaves for damage or anything else that will effect its performance in a fire situation. Each door is asset labelled and and documented on a detailed report which highlights the current condition of each door and recommends any remedial repair actions if the door fails. 


Fire Door Supply, Repair or Replacement:

FAST are able to also help with providing remedial work needed on any of your fire doors ensuring that the door is compliant once the work is completed.

If new doors are required then FAST can also assist ensuring you are supplied with a certified fire or escape door to meet your requirements.

Why Choose FAST for your Fire Door Inspection?

By choosing FAST for your fire door inspections and remedial work you can be rest assured that you have met your legal requirements under the Fire Safety Order and that your fire doors will perform correctly and assist with the safe evacuation from your site in the event of a fire.


Other products and services we offer:

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, FAST response and second to none customer service, please give us a call to talk to a member of our team who will assist you with your enquiry and guide you to compliance.

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